Transfigurations – Your Stories

Would you like us to publish your story?

Your Story Book CoverEvery person’s story is unique to them – so if you would like to tell your story to the world you are welcome to do so on our website.
You can do so by contacting me via the Contact Form and you can send it to me and I will publish it on this site. You can choose to either have a credit with your name or have it published anonymously – this is entirely your choice. If you choose to have it published anonymously, then your anonymity will be safeguarded in line with our confidentiality policy. If you would like to publish under your own name (or a pseudonym) I can link your story back to your own website or blog if you would like to have that in place.

The more stories that we can publish on our site the better as they will help to give other transgender people, especially transgender children and trans youth, the knowledge and insight into themselves which can help them to figure out who they are, how they feel about themselves and how to proceed on their own paths to being true to themselves.

Your story can be humorous, insightful, sad, uplifting or a mixture of all these things – and really that is what happens in life, to everybody.  However our stories also tend to be a mixture of extreme highs and very dark lows, especially during our transition period. Remember, although many of our stories might be similar, everybody’s transition is unique to them.

Many people visiting this site will feel that they have to follow a certain narrative in order to obtain treatment – and although this was common about 40 or 50 years ago, these days it is very different as the medical profession now recognises that we are all unique and therefore all have different stories to tell.

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