Videos about transgender people

Let us #stopthehate and make the world a better place to live in

This is a page which is devoted to videos of transgender people – from transgender children to those people who transition later in life. Also included is a discussion panel by various experts in the scientific field exploring the aetiology of transgenderism. Hopefully this will give people a greater understanding about being transgender and what gender dysphoria is.

There are numerous videos of transgender people on Youtube and elsewhere on the internet. Should you wish to see more, please use Google and use specific search terms such as “transgender children”, “transgender women” “transgender support  groups for {insert your area]”

Paris Lees’ candid and fearless interview with James O’Brien in’s video podcast Unfiltered

A brave young trans woman comes out to the world via her Vlog

A conversation between a mother and her young trangender son – for the lovely story around this video please see this Huffpost article

A young Australian girl’s fight to be recognised and obtain treatment

BBC Trending – short video about transgender children

Trans: The Movie (Trailer for the incredible documentary film – full DVD video available from the producers). This is a wonderful video which follows the lives of several transgender people – from young people to those who transition at a much later age.

The story of the beautiful Josie Romero

The stories of 8 transgender children (both m2f and f2m)

This mother says what every transgender child wants (and needs) to hear

Sam Killerman discusses the complexities of gender and gender identity

“Adolescent Emerging Trans Identities and the Law” – A presentation by Sam Feeney for Pink Therapy

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