Your chance to win big with the Torbay Lottery

…….. and help support Transfigurations

What is the Torbay Lottery?
Torbay Lottery LogoIt is a lottery run by Torbay Council which benefits charitable or not for profit organisations who operate within the Torbay area. More details about the Torbay Lottery and how it operates can be found on its website

Chest of moneyMost people like to have a little flutter for a small outlay every week on a lottery, whether it is scratch cards or taking part in the National or National Health lotteries. You could help our organisation in the support work that we do helping transgender people of all ages. In addition to helping us, you stand a chance of winning £25,000. If you are transgender yourself, think of all the wonderful things that you could do with that amount of money!! Things that you only dreamed you would want, but seemed forever out of your reach.
If you are a trans ally, think of the help that you are providing to all of our members!!

It is not necessary to live in Torbay to take part, you can live anywhere in the UK, but all organisations who benefit from the Torbay Lottery must be based in Torbay.

A ticket costs just £1, half of which comes back to our organisation (and a further 10p is equally divided amongst all the other charitable causes) when you buy your ticket from our page at
Each ticket has a 1 in 56 chance of winning a prize every week. This includes the incredible £25,000 jackpot prize if you match all six numbers, as well as various other cash prizes.

Torbay Lottery - This Spring be Someones Sunshineor visit our page directly at

You can cancel your weekly participation at any time or you can opt to buy one week and then miss a few – enter as often or as infrequently as you wish.

The very, very best of luck, we would dearly love to see one of our supporters win the big £25,000 jackpot prize.

Please remember that participating in any lottery is gambling and should be a fun thing to do. Please gamble responsibly.

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