Surveys and Polls for Transgender People

Current surveys – Please consider taking part in these as it could affect your future

Many polls are commissioned by outside sources and if you would like your own poll to appear in these pages, please contact me via our Contact Page and I will be pleased to assist you if I think it is appropriate.

If you are a transgender person and see any surveys or polls which you think might be appropriate to yourself, I would urge you to take part as the results that can be gathered could be a means of applying pressure on the relevant authorities in order to make our lives better in the future.

I can assure you that no data that could identify you in any way is collected by the surveys that Transfiguration runs – or ever will be. If you do take part in one or more of the surveys, then please accept my thanks for doing so.

Our Surveys

Details of surveyExpiry DateLink to survey

Permanent Surveys
1. Transphobic Crime or IncidentsOngoingClick here to take the survey

Surveys with a time limit
1. Surgical needs of transgender peopleNow closedCLOSED

External Surveys

Gender, the body, and quality of life surveyNo date specifiedClick here to take the survey
Experiences of trans adults in private healthcareNo date specifiedClick here to take the survey
Trans People’s Experiences of Therapy in the UKNo date specifiedClick here for more information about the survey

Results of our surveys

Transphobic Hate Crime in the UKClick here for the results
Transgender Friendly Doctors and GP'sThe register is now available on our website here
Effect of NHS Funding Shortfall on Transgender PeopleClick here for the results
Surgical needs of transgender peopleClick here for the results

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