Transgender Medical Literature and Other Useful Resources

List of various files and documents of interest to transgender people



There  is are far too many medical research papers out there to collate here, so I have tended to ignore those and listed the ones that are available from various NHS websites and other sources.  If you are interested in medical research papers about transgender and other gender variant people then enter the keywords you are searching for knowledge on into either a Google or Bing search page and you will probably be inundated with various links.


1.Mom - I Need To Be a GirlPDF DocumentClick link

NHS Literature:

1.A Guide for Young PeoplePDF DocumentClick link
2.Gender Variant Children - A Parent's GuidePDF DocumentClick link
3.Medical Care for Gender Variant ChildrenPDF DocumentClick link
4.Interim Gender Dysphoria Protocol and Service Guideline 2013/14PDF DocumentClick link
5.Gender dysphoria services: a guide for General Practitioners and other healthcare staffPDF DocumentClick link
6.A guide to hormone therapy for trans peoplePDF DocumentClick link
7.South Devon Healthcare Trust - Support for Transgender PatientsPDF DocumentClick link

Other Literature:

1.Royal College of Psychiatrists - Good practice guidelines for the assessment and treatment of adults with gender dysphoriaPDF DocumentClick link
2.Survival Tips for Trans Youth (from Lambda Legal)PDF DocumentClick link
3.Cornwall Schools Transgender Guidance (applicable all of the UK)PDF DocumentClick link
4.Trans Mental Health Study 2012PDF DocumentClick link
5.A Guide for Parents and Family Members of Trans People in the UKPDF DocumentClick link
6.Gendered Intelligence - Sexual Health and Relationships for Trans PeoplePDF DocumentClick link
7.Transgender 101: Terminology (source GLAAD)PDF DocumentClick link
8.For trans guys: First ever medical study of the effects of bindingPDF DocumentClick link


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