Medical Support from an NHS GP

Dr. Webberley will help with medical support or advice

Medical support from Dr. Helen Webbereley, an NHS GP who is also a Gender SpecialistMedical support for transgender people seeking help can be provided by Dr. Helen Webberley, who is an NHS GP with specialist training in sexual health.  Dr. Webberley also runs a private Gender Identity Clinic which people can access either in person or online. This service was initially available through our online forums and also Net Doctor. We have recommended her services to quite a number of people now and they have all reported back that they have received high quality care, compassion and understanding from Dr. Webberley.

Dr. Webberley’s Mission Statement is:

  • You are never too young or never too old to get help and support.
  • Whether you just need some advice about your thoughts and feelings, or whether you are ready to start the transition then please contact me for advice.
  • If you are already taking hormones and would like a more reputable source, with full medical monitoring, then I can help you.
  • Full medical service available including mental health assessments, medical assessments, blood tests, medication.
  • Please know that hormones cannot be prescribed without a full assessment.
  • Assessments can be face to face, email, telephone, video-call to suit your needs (see link at bottom of the page).

To help guide you, Dr. Webberely has released a series of very short and snappy videos which can be viewed below:-

1. About Dr Webberley and her Transgender Clinic

2. What is Gender Variance?

3. How Common is Gender Variance? Where on Dr Webberley’s sphere are you?

4. How do you Know if you are Transgender?

5. Can I be Cured of my Transgender? Words from Dr Webberley

6. How do I prove to you that I am Transgender?

7. I am Self Medicating – is this bad? Dr Webberley gives the low-down.

8. What ages do you treat?

9. What About the Risks of Transitioning?

10. Can you refer me to the GIC and treat me on the NHS?

11. If I Use Your Service then will I still be able to get NHS Care?

12. Why Can’t My GP Treat This?

13. Dr Mike Webberley on Transgender Care

To contact Dr. Webberley for a free initial consultation, please visit her website by clicking on the link below:-
Confidential advice on transgender matters by a qualified GP
Alternative, you can phone Dr. Webberley on 02477 220 180

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