Essential Things to Do

List of organisations that you need to contact at the start of transition

1.Probably the first and most important - change your name either by statutory declaration or deed poll (you can do this on our website here), without this being done, you will have difficulty getting anything else changed.
2.Change your bank account details and get a new credit card/cards issued in your new name.
3.Notify the Inland Revenue (Tax Office) of your new name and gender change - the Inland Revenue has a specific Helpline you can call for advice on changing your tax and national insurance details - please ring 03000 534730
4.Notify the National Insurance Office of your new name and gender change - also see above for the government helpline for this.
5.Write to the DVLC to get a new driving licence issued (you will need a new photograph for this).
6.If you have a passport, apply for a new passport in your new name and gender (again, new photographs of you will be required for this).
7.Go and see your GP and arrange for all your medical details to be archived and your details to be changed on their computer system.
8.If you have a Blue Badge, a bus pass, etc., you will need to get these changed to your new name and gender (they will require new photographs).
9.Your employer, and former employers where you might have a pension.
10.Your pension provider or providers.
11.Your landlord or mortgage company.
12.Your local authority (council), for such matters as council tax, housing benefit and social services.
13.The electoral registration officer at your local authority (you don't need to wait for an election to do this).
14.After you have notified the electoral roll, you can then notify credit reference agencies with your new details.
15.Utility companies (water, gas, electricity, phone and mobile phone).
16.Banks, building societies, insurance companies, and companies you might have shares in.
17.Credit card, store card and charge card companies, other organisations you have a loan with, and mail-order companies.
18.The TV Licensing Agency (if you have a television license).
19.The school, college or university you or your child attends.
20.The local library service.
21.If you own land/property you need to notify the Land Registry of the changes which you can do here:
22.Insurance companies which you have policies with.
23.Any share certificates which you might own will need to be updated.

If you should discover any other organisation or authorities that might require notification, please contact me via our Contact Form and I will add it to the list above.

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