The Transfigurations Helpline closed at the moment due to illness

Tel: Not available at present

IMPORTANT: Please see operational times below

Although we are a Devon based support organisation, this helpline is open to transgender people of all ages, anywhere in the UK. This also includes the parents or guardians of transgender people who also might be needing support – also the partners of transgender people.
If you decide that you would like to meet other transgender people in your own area, we can possibly point you to a local organisation for face to face contact if and when you would like to do this.

 Normal Helpline Opening Times:


Opening Times

Sundays6pm until midnight (last call taken at 11:30pm)
Mondays6pm until midnight (last call taken at 11:30pm)
Wednesdays6pm until midnight (except 1st Wednesday of every month) - last call taken at 11:30pm

Please note that at this moment it is not a freephone number, it is a standard mobile number and any calls you make will be credited to your account (although if you have free minutes available on your phone plan, it will be included in your monthly allowance). We reserve the right to change the operational times should the need occur.

We are also opening up another landline number for those people who might prefer to use a landline. This will be 01803 404500. Please do not use this number outside our helpline hours as it is our normal office number and staff cannot take helpline calls.

Hopefully it will be possible for us to attract sufficient funding for the helpline to be changed to a freephone number at some point in the future.

Please Note:

On days that the helpline is not available, you can send a text message to our mobile number (07476 151717) and we will text you back a.s.a.p. to give you an out of hours time to call. We will not call you back unless you specifically state in your text that it is safe to do so, as otherwise this could potentially jeopardise your security.


All information which you might reveal about yourself (such as your name, address, telephone number) will be kept absolutely confidential and will only be accessible to the Management Team of Transfigurations and held securely.
The only time that confidentiality will be breached is if a child or a vulnerable adult is believed to be at risk of harm (please see our Policy Documents for details). This will only be done after consultation with the Management team and is something that would not be done lightly.   Our grateful thanks to Devon and Cornwall Police who originally helped to make this telephone support line possible.
This helpline is now supported by voluntary donations, if you would like to donate a small amount towards its monthly upkeep, you can do so by going to our donations page and helping us keep this important service available to people. Alternatively, you can purchase a Torbay Lottery ticket (£1 a ticket – 50% of which is returned to us) and besides helping us, gives you the chance to win the £25,000 jackpot. Please see our Torbay Lottery page here for further information about this

Thank you.

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