Transphobia and Transphobic Hate Crime

Some general advice about staying safe – and the telephone numbers for Devon & Cornwall Police’s Diversity officers


The interim results of our Transphobic Hate Crime survey for the whole of the UK (with a special section focusing on the South West) can be downloaded from our web site here.
Transphobic crimes and incidents are taken seriously by the police. Personal safety is of paramount importance and the police encourage people to report crimes or incidents of this type in an attempt to stop them and make our communities safer for everyone.
A hate incident is any kind of negative behaviour that is perceived by the victim or anyone else to be based on prejudice or hate of any member belonging to a minority group such as racial heritage, religion or beliefs, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation.
A hate crime is any hate incident, which constitutes a criminal offence.
If this happens to you it is important that it is reported to the police so that they can stop this type of behaviour.
If you feel in fear of immediate harm or the offender is still present then dial 999 for immediate assistance.

In all other circumstances you can report in any of the following ways:-

  1.  By phoning 101
  2.  By reporting it online at:-
  3.  By reporting it on the True Vision web site:-
  4.  Stop Hate Crime support site:

If you have concerns about whether to report to the police then you may contact your local diversity office for advice and they will offer support as appropriate. There are many different ways for the police to deal with your crime or incident and they will respect your wishes. One such method is the Restorative Justice scheme which involves the victim and the offender (and where appropriate any other individuals or community members) affected by a crime or harm, actively participating together in the resolution of matters arising from the crime or harm, with the help of a qualified and trained facilitator.

For other areas of the UK, go to your Police web site and find out who the Diversity Officers are for the area where you live and then contact them. All Diversity Officers have been trained in how they need to respond to transphobic hate crimes or hate incidents. Their contact details should be published on the Police web site for your area.

Devon and Cornwall Police Diversity officers request that you contact them initially if possible via their email accounts at:-

AreaEmail address
DevonDevon Diversity Team
CornwallCornwall Diversity Team
PlymouthPlymouth Diversity Team

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