Endorsements and Testimonials

Correspondence which we have received

Here are some of the endorsements and testimonials which we have received

Alannah A (Scotland):
I just wanted to say thank you. I am currently approaching a crisis situation in my life and do not know where to turn. But even just finding your site, seeing how friendly and approachable it is and how supportive, I have lost that edge of desperation and feel more positive. It is as simple as that. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you.

Casper (Devon):
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for hosting the Transfigurations group. It allows me to be myself, which is a huge relief from the stress of everyday life. Everyone, including yourself, is so lovely and kind, and I am honoured to be acquainted with you all.

Sarah M (Devon):
I greatly appreciated that you came out to meet me and my husband to discuss our son, who recently told us that he should have been born a girl and he hated being a boy. Your calming and thoughtful words were hugely re-assuring when we were in panic mode wondering how best to support him. We look forward to him coming along to your children and parents group next month.

Martina P (Kent):
Thank you for being there on the phone last night, I really was very close to giving up and ending my life. Your gentle words of encouragement and reassurance made me think again and you were right, the biggest obstacle is actually my own fear of being me and having the confidence to be true to myself. I will certainly contact some of the groups in my local area and go along to meet somebody else in my position face to face.
Thank you again for being there for me when I desperately needed somebody to talk to.

Annie C (Devon): (about one of our trips out – this one to Wildwood Escot)
I just wanted to say thank you so much for today. It was fantastic success ………. all the kids laughing and playing together and all the parents being able to talk.
You did a lovely thing today.

CS (Devon) (05/12/2017):
The support Transfigurations provide is invaluable. I did not know how to deal with my child nor where to turn when they came to me with gender identity issues. As a mother, it was horrendous to see them in such anguish. Transfigurations were a phenomenal source of information, guidance and support and continue to be. My child is happy, contented and well adjusted thanks to them.

Child Assault Prevention Team – Totnes (25/01/2018):
Just received this beautiful “Thank You” card from the CAP team in  Totnes after doing a talk for them about safeguarding trans children and adolescents.
It was my pleasure, glad you enjoyed the talk.

Thank you card from CAP Team in Totnes

Received a further testimonial from this talk:-
“Carol’s confident, warm, friendly, Intelligent manner made everyone feel at ease and interested. Although I wish we could have offered her a longer slot, she did a splendid job of getting over key information that will be useful both as background awareness and practice for our team. She also gave out excellently prepared handouts which will be useful to refer to ongoingly. Addressing an area which still has very long way to go In terms of addressing the prejudices and oppressions of society, Carol’s presentation was uplifting, positive hopeful and empowering.”

Amanda J (Wales) (14/02/2018):
Thanks for your talk yesterday (LGBT History Month talk on Trans History – given at the Senedd in Cardiff). It was really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lisa P (Wales) – Organiser of OUTing the Past held at the Senedd in Cardiff (14/02/2018):
Dear Carol,
Thank you for coming and giving such a brilliant talk on Saturday – you were much appreciated.
The feedback on OUTing The Past’s forms about the day has been brilliant:

  1.  89% of attendees thought it was very good or excellent (and nobody thought it was no good)
  2.  99% were likely to recommend it to others and 94% of them very likely
  3.  88% thought it was very well organised and 86% the right length (and the others were evenly divided between too long and too short)

The main things people said they liked were the range and diversity of topics, the welcoming atmosphere & volunteers and the speakers, which seems to sum it up.
In all, over 190 people attended at least part of the day, and many stayed for the whole event. The numbers meant that the site was not perfect in a number of ways (we had expected maybe 100) but nevertheless people seem to have generally had a very good time. Thank you again for your part in that.

Stef D. (Bishopsgate Institute, London) (28/02/2018):
Thanks so much for coming and giving such a brilliant talk!

Dr. Clifford W. (London) (28/02/2018):
Snow was not going to stop me attending the event this evening – four excellent presentations – , Carol Steele , Darryl Telles and thank you for archives display.

Rosie D (Programmer at the Bishopsgate Institute, London) (28/02/2018):
It was amazing to hear from and Darryl Telles part of last night, thank you!

PlayTorbay (After school Play Groups for children and adolescents in Torbay) (20/03/2018):
We were invited to give a talk to the Play work staff at PlayTorbay as they were starting to encounter children who were either gender non-conforming or transgender in their play sessions. We were inundated with compliments after the talk and the feedback forms gave us a 97.3% rating as excellent. Many commented saying the 2 hours wasn’t long enough and they wanted it to go on (or have an extra session a little down the line after they had digested what we told them. Points where we lost a few points was on jargon – so I will be sending them a list of terms that they can refer to.
Huge thanks must go to Ash, a young (15 year old) non-binary trans person who volunteers at our young people’s and parents group. Ash wanted an opportunity to talk about non-binary issues and the talk that they gave was calm, confident and assured – amazing clarity and planning for one inexperienced and new to public speaking – so my grateful thanks to Ash for making the talk so successful.

Janet Hyndman, ICV Co-ordinator (Review), OPCC, Devon and Cornwall Police (21/06/2018):
Thank you so much for coming to the Panel Meeting on Saturday. It made an impression on both the custody visitors and myself. The information that you shared and your personal story were remarkable and informative. Your contribution will continue to develop the way that custody visits of people with trans-related issues are conducted.

Michelle G. (London) (13/08/2018):
Thank you so much for the Deed Poll. It reads very well, much better wording than others I have seen, and a really good document.
Thank you for doing it for me, it’s already made a difference to how I feel. It’s made it feel a special time, and feeling a lot more positive.

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