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Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated – thank you

All donations or gifts to Tranfigurations are warmly welcomed and are used exclusively for supporting transgender people of all ages as we are a “not for profit” community organisation. As you can imagine, running a group like this does cost money – hiring of a meeting place, costs with going to meetings to speak out for the basic human rights of transgender people, maintaining the web site, paying for web hosting and a multitude of other expenses.
I realise that many trans people are not working and find it a struggle to make ends meet. As a senior citizen myself who is on a basic State pension I fully understand and realise how difficult it is. For those of you who might be working and might be able to spare a pound or two to help keep this group operational, I would be grateful if you would consider making a small donation to the upkeep of this group and the web site.
Donations can also be given via the Torbay LotteryIf you would like to donate, you can do so in a fun way by donating and helping our cause by participating in the Torbay Lottery. You also stand a chance of winning £25,000 as well as several smaller prizes. By donating directly from our own page on the Torbay Lottery website, you will ensure that half of your donation goes directly to us (and a further 10% to all the charitable organisations who are registered with the Torbay Lottery.
Please visit our page on the Torbay Lottery website for further information

You may also donate directly by credit card or Paypal by clicking on the “Donate” button below:-


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Our grateful thanks to our Major Sponsors

Without the generous support from our major sponsors, we could not carry out the work that we do. We are hugely indebted to their kind support.

torbay community development trustTorbay Community Development Trust

Many thanks to the following people for their generous donations:-
If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate this on the PayPal form when you make your donation otherwise your name (or pseudonym if you prefer to use one) and your county will appear on this page.

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Carol JustFranceSwithin LongDevon
Debbie DScotland"Mumsie"Devon
Lena WildmorewayDevon"Mumsie"Devon
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