Transfigurations – AAA Screening

Abdominal Aortic Screenings are important for trans women over 65

Thurs 15th May 2014:
aaa screeningI was fortunate to meet and talk at length to two members of the AAA screening team at the NHS Annual Equality Engagement Event symposium held in Torquay where they had a display stand.

They were very keen to reassure me of the total respect that they have for trans women and the problems that we might have in approaching them to book an AAA screening. They reassured me that they will do their utmost best to help any trans person who approaches them to have their screening done without causing any embarrassment or fear of outing them.

To this end they have supplied me with a personal email address of the the leader of the team so that anybody who wishes to have a screening done can have a conversation with her about your privacy. All the team are well versed in Equality and Diversity issues and you will be treated with absolute respect.

Please use the contact form (via the button in the menu above) to contact me for her email address. Please click here to return to the original health page.

Breaking News:
Lynda has emailed me with a very important announcement to say that they are hoping (in the very near future) to take their AAA screening services to the Laurels Clinic in Exeter (our Gender Identity Clinic here in the South West) so that AAA screenings can be carried out at that location where anybody who is reluctant to be screened at one of their other locations, can be screened where they might feel more safe and at ease. I will update this page when it has been confirmed and let you have the dates when they will be at the Laurels.

Tuesday 20th May 2014:
Well, today I went for my AAA screening scan. I telephoned for an appointment the previous day and spoke to Lynda and she reassured me of the privacy and confidentiality and made an appointment for me to see two members of the team that I hadn’t met at one of the screening centres. She gave me a range of appointments and said that because there was a gap after the 9:50am one until 10:15am, then I would not be waiting in an area filled with men when I came out. As I knew the centre, I was also aware that it does other types of treatments there (I went to the anti-smoking clinic there) so I wasn’t too worried.

The screening consists of you lying on a treatment table and baring your stomach. They squirt some gel onto your stomach and then do an ultrasound to measure the size of the aorta. the process took around 5mins, and afterwards they pronounced there and then that mine was of an acceptable size (no enlargement) and that I would not need to have another one done.

The two women (who I had not met previously at the Equality Engagement Event) carried out the procedure and were extremely pleasant and made me feel very comfortable and there was no ‘atmosphere’ in any way whatsoever.

All in all, a very reassuring experience and one which nobody should feel uncomfortable with in any way.

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