Transfigurations – A Transgender Support Group Based in Devon, UK

 Supporting transgender people of all ages – and their parents throughout the South West – and beyond

Cancer white ribbonI am pleased to report that the organisers of Not Alone, Plymouth have agreed to step in and run our 17-18+ Group. This will restart on Wednesday 7th August 2019  at our usual venue.

I regret that other services which we provided (deed polls etc) remain cancelled for now. Please see our ‘Useful Links‘ page for other organisations both locally and nationally which can help.

Transfigurations is a transgender support group based in the South West of the UK.  It was set up to help all trans people (transsexual, transvestite, intersex, genderqueer, trans youth etc.) come to terms with their gender identity and provide a safe meeting place whilst they explore their feelings.  We meet twice a month in Torquay, South Devon, on the first Wednesday evening and the third Tuesday evening of each month. You are welcome to download the brochure for Transfigurations which you can find here. We also cover the Plymouth and Exeter areas and have trans members who travel from those areas.
All of our official documentation regarding our Constitution and Safeguarding Policies can be found by clicking on the “Other” link button at the top of the page and then choosing “Policy Documents” – or by clicking here.

Transfigurations is open to trans men and women – and all who fall under the transgender umbrella.  If you are a transvestite or cross-dresser, you will still be welcome to attend. People who identify as being intersex and supporters of transgender people are also welcome to attend meetings. We have recently some wonderful endorsements from visitors to our site and our meeting groups which you can read here.

We now have a special group catering for transgender children and youth, more details are available on this page.

Meetings with guest speakers:
We hope to have discussions which will be led both by members of the group and by outside people (eg by officers from the Devon and Cornwall Police’s diversity team) and demonstrations by people such as beauty/make-up experts. For transgender or transsexual men, we hope to get discussions led by a few trans men who have been transitioned for many years and will able to guide you with their considerable experience. The group is run by an experienced trans woman (who has been transitioned for over 40 years and so has plenty of experience). A calendar of events for 2016 can be found here.

Transgender Friendly Doctors and GP’s:
Image of GPComing out can be a very emotionally challenging time and if you need to seek medical help to start your journey it can severely affect your mental well-being if you have a GP who is unsympathetic or even antagonistic towards your transition. To this end we have been carrying out a survey to find out those GP’s and doctors who are sympathetic and understanding. We are in the process of changing this to a register of trans friendly doctors and GP’s on our web site which you can access here.  Please also use that page to feedback to us what your own GP is like for treating transgender people.

Transgender Youth/Transgender Children:
Young Girl We now have a new group for transgender children and teenagers which will start meeting in April 2016. It will be meeting on a Saturday afternoon and restrictions do apply.
Children up to the age of 13:
All children up to the age of 13 must be accompanied on all visits by a parent or guardian
Children between the ages of 13 to 16:
All children between the ages of 13 to 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for a minimum of their first 3 visits. After that these young people can attend on their own provided that a parent or guardian fills in and returns a Consent Form.
Young people between the ages of 17 to 19:
All teenagers between the ages of 17 to 19 may attend on their own provided that a parent or guardian signs and returns a Consent Form if they are 17.
If you cannot obtain your parent’s consent for any reason but would like to talk to somebody about how you are feeling, you can either contact the help and support line or use the Contact Form to email me.

Parents of Transgender Children and Trans Youth:
Parents with childThe owner of the group has been DBS checked at advanced level and you are welcome to ask to view the DBS check for your satisfaction. If you would like to attend a group meeting on your own first, then we would welcome this too – or, should you prefer to meet up first for an informal chat over a cup of coffee, then I would be happy to do this.

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